Jason Carroll

Jason Carroll

Owner / Lead Photographer

I guess when you mix a love for people, photography, technology, art, and music; the result will most probably be something like me. I discovered the value of photography when I lost my four month old son to a tragic accident. We spent almost a week in the hospital watching him fight for his life and when I realized that I would never see his sweet face again in this world. I instantly called a photographer friend to take photos as we said goodby to our sweet boy. These photos turned out to be a priceless treasure that we could never replace. I had no idea at that point that my journey towards becoming a professional photographer had just begun.
Today, several years later, I know that it is my passion to inspire others to see the magic and beauty of the people and the world around us. My photos are your opportunity to see things from my perspective, inquisitive, imaginative and optimistic. You have the opportunity to see yourself and others from my point of view, a view; that I consider quite beautiful and inspiring. – Jason Carroll

Monsour’s was originally founded over 35 years ago by Victor Monsour. Victor spent three decades as an icon of family portraiture, tourism, and wildlife photography, along with an impressive industrial and commercial photography portfolio as well. Upon his retirement Victor selected Jason Carroll to carry the legacy of the Monsour’s Name  Jason has breathed new life into the business with refreshing new styles, updated and simplified pricing and unique beautiful products.  The Monsour’s creative team has welcomed some fresh new talent with degreed designers, digital artists, licenced and certified makeup artists that are passionate about creating beautiful photographic artwork.

Jason Carroll, Owner and Lead Photographer is a member of the PPA and PPLA  with experience in commercial photography, model photography, landscape photography, family portrait photography, aerial photography, and fine art photography.

The Monsour’s team is ready to handle your photography needs regardless of what they may be.


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