Business Headshots

A Headshot Is Your First Impression Secret Weapon

A modern and professional business headshot for making good first impressions, is simply a necessity in today’s highly competitive business world. Potential business associates are looking for a trustworthy, approachable. and professional individual. Your headshot should give the immediate impression that you are a skilled, positive minded, well groomed, professional.

Your Headshot Should Communicate Your Persona

Communicating who you are through a photo involves some subconscious but very specific body language that you probably don’t even realize that you communicate to people on a daily basis. 85% of my clients hate their current headshot because it doesn’t actually communicate their persona effectively. “It’s just not me” they state… This is because almost everyone gets self-conscious and nervous when they are being photographed and their body language communicates a lack of confidence.  I use a very effective process that quickly eliminates anxiety and self-consciousness and creates very positive and strong body language that keeps you looking amazing and natural looking.

Mobile Headshots and Group Rates

I have a completely mobile studio setup for headshots involving groups of 5 or more and discounted rates for groups of 8 or more I set up at your location with the same high quality commercial headshot lighting as my own studio and can easily shoot 20-30 sessions in a day with minimal effect on employees work schedule.