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Why Use A Commercial Photographer?

Choosing the right commercial photographer is important, digital cameras these days make it easy for amateur photographers to take a few nice shots and hand you the digital files for next to nothing. But the low budget strategy will always have you competing in the race to the bottom on price even when you have a high-quality product that deserves a better price. Which means lower profit margins and more competition. 

The smart strategy is to choose a commercial photographer that will elevate your branding and products with images that communicate quality and value. There is a lot more marketing psychology to commercial photography than most people realize. Hiring a commercial photographer that is familiar with working with creative directors, and marketing directors ensure that you get consistently beautiful images that will increase your sales and profits.  Your images will be sharp and professional looking and easily printable all the way up to billboard sizes. 

Increase Your Customer’s Confidence

If there is one critical factor of marketing that affects potential clients perception of your business both on the web and in print that would be your commercial photography. Sharp professionally done images subconsciously increase your customer’s confidence in your brand and generates a fresh interest in your products and services for both new and existing customers.

Great experience working with Jason! I’m not the person who enjoys to sit, stand, pose for a photograph but he made the whole shoot fun and was creative in getting multiple quality photos from something that was thrown together last minute. Definitely recommend!!!

Jamie Bergeron

Recording Artist

Bring Your Vision To Life

Our creative team will meet with you to discuss the best ways to develop the direction and provide you with budget linked quote options that allow you to decide how important different aspects of the project are.  You can expect lighting fast responses and sometimes even same day quotes with our easy to use online quoting and invoicing and consistent communication and progress updates via email.

Boost Your Sales Potential

potential customers are as much as 60% – 75% more likely to purchase a product or service if it is well represented with high quality photographs

Marketing statistics show that potential customers are as much as 60% – 75% more likely to purchase a product or service if it is well represented with high quality photographs. In fact, high quality commercial photography can have such an incredible effect on the perception of your business that it can actually boost your sales through the roof!

Dominate Your Market

There is a reason why large companies invest so much in commercial photography to ensure that their marketing content is virtually flawless; because it works! In a competitive environment standing out is the difference between dominating your market and fading into the background. The worst philosophy you could ever subscribe to is that “good enough” will take you to the top.

Get Started Today

There’s no doubt you want to do what’s best for your business and great commercial photos puts gives you all the resources you need!

Update your website • Start a social media campaign • Create a brochure • Send out marketing emails • Place an Ad in a local magazine • start a billboard campaign


So Lets Get Started!

Professional Speed and Excellence

For a commercial photographer, there is no such thing as “good enough”; cutting corners is not in the vocabulary. We have a long list of satisfied clients that know that they can expect a consistent look and feel to their photography no matter what project they send our way.  Speed and efficiency is also an important aspect of commercial photography, nothing is more frustrating than a photo session where half the time you are waiting on the photographer.  We show up well in advance with well maintained professional equipment and set everything up so talent can show up at the appointed time and finish the session quickly.  Finally, an ample professional liability insurance policy protects and ensures that you are working with a genuine commercial photographer, and not a weekend warrior or hobbyist photographer.

Fast Quotes… And They Are Easy To Read!

From the minute you request a commercial photography quote you will be working with a competent sales person that understands marketing, sales, and most importantly the questions to ask so that we can properly make your vision become reality. You can expect a quote in your inbox in almost no time at all and our invoices allow you to pay online with your credit card.  Quotes are clear and to the point, easy to read and approve.  Often we can quote, invoice, and schedule a project for clients the same day they call.

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Jason Carroll

Jason Carroll

Lead Photographer

Jason Carroll is an internationally published editorial commercial portrait photographer known for using deep vibrant colors and dynamic lighting to create images with strong visual impact and high marketability. With a strong background in business growth consulting and marketing Jason works perfectly with creative teams and businesses needing a fresh and modern look with impeccable polish. His travels have taken him as far as Belize and Cozumel and much of the US.

Jason’s primary influence is the incredible Annie Leibovitz and her love for epic and beautifully captured images… from the covers of Vanity Fair, the Pirelli Calendar, or her impressive history with Rolling Stone Magazine.

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