Family Portrait Photography

Faithfully capturing your family for a portrait does not need to be an excruciating experience. Don’t confuse quantity with quality in family photos; quantity is for snapshots and events to create memories, while family portraits create a legacy of your family at a specific time in your family history.  If there is one thing I know for sure, kids grow up before you realize it, and it’s hard to look back and realize that making the time to take family portraits would have been a good idea.  Family photography is about capturing the essence of your family as they are today, with all the attitude, poise, or chaos that makes your family amazing!

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In Studio Photography

I can produce beautiful family portraits all year round from my home studio so no need to worry about the weather or even the sweltering heat during the summer.  My selection of hand painted canvas backdrops are intended to keep you and your family as the focal point rather than distracting background designs. 

On Location Photography

The right location can be make your family portrait truly amazing, Southwest Louisiana is full of beautiful swamps and marshes, amazing architecture and exotic plantations.  We are fully equipped with on-location studio equipment so that we can create the same beautiful studio lighting wherever we go. We are also available to travel for national and international locations.

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