Lake Charles Photographer

Our Lake Charles photography studio handles family portraits, individual portraits, senior photos, headshots, product photography and more. Every client gets our full attention, intention, passion, and creativity to create images that capture more than simply a face… our portraits speak the essence of the individual; of love that binds families together, of passion that fuels dreams, of enterprise and integrity, and the strength of the southern spirit!

Glamour Photography

My glamour photography focuses on bringing out your inherent beauty and charm with the look of a modern celebrity. Think exotic hair and makeup,  bold accessories, and exciting outfit choices. 

I use light and shadows to sculpt and slim, and I use poses to show emotion and I make your face… well I make that utterly flawless…

Children’s Portraits

Every child’s portrait will be unique because children live in the moment, they may be quiet and thoughtful or boisterous and noisy… seeing them as the individuals they are is much more important than ruining their day… I encourage parents to relax… sit back and let us get to know each other… as we talk and play they open up and become their natural selves full of great opportunities for photos. The key is minimizing their stress about taking pictures.


A Little About Me...
  • I am a hopeless romantic that dares to believe that true unconditional love overcomes all obstacles.  
  • I am forever in pursuit of capturing the perfect moment.
  • I believe that one perfect photograph of a person you love is priceless
  • To me, quality is always more important than quantity
  • I will never do less than my very best
  • I have an autistic son
  • I have lost a child
  • I have been married for 17 years
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