Production Minded Lightroom Presets

Perfection Preset System

Presets made for photographers focused on production and repeatable results

A growing library of production Lightroom presets for commercial and portrait photography curated and tested by me and the user community.


No Hype Presets

These presets are not single click magical perfection.. they are designed to help you fly through your production workflow by moving through your image in logical decision steps without destroying your previous image decisions.

Logical Progressions

Presets are organized for easy flow from preprocessing to finishing in a logical order

Dramatic Results.... Simple Process

I designed these presets to handle the broad array of photography that I produce, I use these to process a volume of up to 20k images per month.  For that reason alone I know they work

Perfect Presets

In a perfect world everything you shoot is perfect… in the real world… not everything turns out like you imagined bad lighting, poor planning, unexpected situations sometimes force you into a corner and you do what you can with the situation… I spent the past three years designing the perfection preset system by learning how to make the best out of bad situations… Foundation is all about starting with a basic exposure and tone profile that fits the image. It may save your bacon more times than you will want to admit!  I decided to launch this not because it is perfect and complete but because I truly believe that it will help photographers create amazing images from the sometimes… less than amazing shots we sometimes get.

Buy Perfect Presets Pre-Launch Pricing at only $45 and get 1 year of free updates!

Leveraging Social Media

One of the most difficult areas to master as a photography is how to properly leverage social media to actually get clients, I have learned so many “What Not To Do’s” that I actually started brainstorming some strategies that dramatically increased my leverage over my competitors.  This Webinar is designed to do exactly that for you. Unlike many webinars, this is just a bare-knuckle strategy session that gives you the tools to actually make a difference where it counts… in your wallet!!!  I don’t hold back any secrets and I don’t tempt you to buy the next level that has extra bonuses… You are literally getting first access to my proven social media strategy that puts you in touch with real leads that want to work with you! 

Here is just a quick example of the types o engagement that you can get. 

Leveraging Social Media Webinar

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