Senior Portraits

Your senior portraits represent you at one of the most amazing times in your life. Your future is wide open and full of dreams and ambitions! This is the perfect time to take the opportunity to capture you at your very best!  Bring your style, your attitude, your creativity and see what we can do with it!

Don’t be afraid to bring lots of outfits for every season Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall! During your consultation we will discuss your style and personality and decide on any of our premium looks we think would work for you. The Monsour’s team is very creative so the more options we have to better your session will be!

  • Don’t forget sunglasses, hats, scarves, gloves, and jewelry
  • Bring your favorite hobby items, instruments, sports equipment, gloves, glasses, hats etc.
  • School stuff – Letter jackets, jerseys, hoodies, shorts, pennants
  • Make up, lip gloss, powder.

Always be sure clothing is fresh and wrinkle free so you look your very best!

Out Of Town Seniors

If you’re traveling from out of town, our studio is right in the middle of downtown in Lake Charles on Ryan St! Our address is 727 Ryan St. Lake Charles La 70601 We have several very nice hotels within a few blocks of the studio if you are staying overnight.

Extra Details For The Girls!


Your senior photography session will include unlimited wardrobe changes , so bring A LOT of options. The more outfits we have to choose from, the better. This will give us flexibility in finding great options. Make sure you bring outfits that are comfortable and flatter your body type. If you are self conscious about your figure don’t just bring baggy loose clothing, take a few chances and bring something a little more form fitting and fun. Remember girls, dresses typically photograph very well so bring those dresses you wear for special occasions! If you’re self-conscious about your arms, remember to avoid sleeveless or cap-sleeve shirts and tank tops, as they tend to show more of your arm. Also be sure to bring scarves or shawls which are great for slimming arms and legs and just about anything else!
Stick to simple colors and patterns! try to avoid drastic stripes and plaids unless… they are just too cute to ignore!!
Be sure to bring a mix of styles from casual to super classy!


We can’t say this enough! Girls, bring heels! Whether pumps or boots, dressy or casual, plain or sassy, heels really make you stand out and your senior photos will look totally glamorous.


Unless you totally have your look under control you should definitely schedule Hair and Makeup along with your senior photography session
Bring hair spray, clips, pins, and whatever else is needed to keep your hair out of your eyes if it’s windy. Also bring a brush and a small mirror for quick hair touch-ups.
Do not make drastic changes to your hairstyle right before your senior photo session. This includes cuts, colors, perms, or any other big changes… be sure any changes to hair are done at least a week prior to your session for the best results.


Keep it simple. Big, shiny jewelry can be distracting. If you have different jewelry for different outfits, be sure to put each set of jewelry in a plastic baggie and hang it on the hanger with the outfit it should be worn with.

Friends and Family

We love having family and friends come along for the senior photography experience, but it’s really important that they understand that they are there to support you and observe, not to distract you and direct the photographers. You’re welcome to have a couple of shots with a boyfriend, best friend, sibling, or parent at no extra charge.


Did we say you should choose our Hair and Makeup Option? Makeup that is well done is one of the best preparations you can make for your session. It will even out skin tones and help give your photos that extra pop for a model-like look.
Makeup should only be slightly heavier than normal. Mascara should be clean and not clumpy. Avoid makeup with an SPF because it tends to create a shine. Summer shine can be controlled by using translucent powder that knocks out shine without adding additional color.


Don’t tan too much the week of your senior session and avoid fresh spray tans unless you have an existing routine, we don’t want you looking orange and leathery.


Don’t forget your fingernails! a manicure will make sure your hands look amazing for your senior photography session. Keep your nails simple, avoid super bright colors, that will distract from you and may not work with all your outfits. Instead, opt for basic or natural tones.

“The Senior Experience!” Session

“The Senior Experience!” is a no-holds barred photography session all about capturing all the energy and intensity of your personality to show you as the superstar you truly are. These sessions are extremely exciting and fun and are truly an experience from the minute you show up to the studio.  We use all the same equipment and techniques we use on our high end commercial model photo-shoots that cost over $400 per hour!  These sessions are power packed and exciting for both guy seniors and girl seniors. A few of the styles you can pick from in “The Senior Experience!” are…

  • Vintage Era’s (1800’s)
  • Music Era’s (Classical to Modern)
  • American Dream Era’s (1900’s)
  • Gritty Urban
  • Edgy Modern
  • Hot Couture
  • Epic Sports
  • Film Noir
  • Emotive Dance

Depending on what exactly we are shooting there may be Wind, Water, Smoke, Fire, Glitter, Flowers, Powder, Dry Ice…  or other interesting props involved, Yep! it gets pretty crazy!

The end result are amazing looking images that are sure to get attention and impress everyone you show!