Bridal and Wedding Photography

As a photographer I am committed to telling stories with my images. Your wedding story may very well be one of the greatest stories of your life!  If you hire me as a photographer I can assure you that not only will the events and details of your wedding be covered but a beautiful story will emerge. I am not just any wedding photographer, I am a charismatic people person…an impossibly upbeat and seamless element within the moments leading up to your wedding celebration. I quickly get to know your bridal party and guests and they affectionately invite me to join them in the celebration… I promise no awkward “stop and pose” moments!  just the seamless unfettered joy of moments captured with a passionate perfection by someone that truly loves weddings.

Every Wedding Package Includes:
A Digital Archive USB Drive with all your wedding images on it
An online wedding gallery that you can share with family and friends

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